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1. Get back to the person who brought you to this website and they will give you their free sign up link to their hemp biz so you can get access to video one & flip products for profit fast.

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10. If you need help on signing up for MDC hempworx, here is a quick video that will walk you through the process of buying your first bottle.

I will also explain the compensation plan for you so you know how much money that you can potentially make with this business when you start flipping hemp & sprays with us..

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Watch the "following along the journey" sales videos below to see a few simple transactions Vincent has done the past few days alone to earn over $2,600 in just three days flipping products for profits.
Here is a fantastic video of the hempworx compensation plan to understand the opportunity you are getting on the hemp flipping side of things.

This video will explain everything you need to understand in terms of the money you will make, or not make, depending on your choices in the beginning of your journey.

We attract who we are, which means, the way you start, is the only way you can expect others to start this journey with you.

If it doesn't stretch you, it can't change you.  Remember that.
After you get pre-enrolled with Hempworx, here is your next steps by Aron, this is a fantastic video to watch.

He breaks down everything you need to understand in terms of the packs and where they are and the point and click action in what you need to do immediately.

If you have any questions at all, this video should answer most everything you need to understand.
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Get back to the person who brought you to this website & get started on your journey to creating a brand new elevated life.